Known Issues

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This page summarises known issues when compiling deal.ii on different platforms and compilers.



  1. boost::signals2::detail::call_with_tuple_args<R>::operator. It is known that Intel compilers with Intel MPI may lead to a cryptic error when compiling deal.ii with either bundled or external boost library. The workaround is to use: Intel 15 and boost 1.59. The issue does not seem to appear when Intel compilers are combined with Open-MPI.

  2. DEAL_II_HAVE_CXX11_TYPE_TRAITS. To have C++11 support with Intel compilers one has to have recent system gcc as "if you have gcc version 4.6 on your system, icc behaves like gcc 4.6, with the compatible features and behaviors". If system's default gcc is too old, one may need to load a newer one (e.g. module load gcc/4.9.2 on CentOS).

  3. catastrophic error: #error directive: "SEEK_SET is #defined but must not be for the C++ binding of MPI. The issue appears when compiling Trilinos. The workaround is to add -DMPICH_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK to `CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS. For further details see this known issues of intel compilers.