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Using deal.II on native Windows

For an overview of different ways to use deal.II on Windows have a look at the corresponding FAQ entry.

Warning: please be aware that the following is experimental and you will likely encounter bugs in compilers and deal.II itself. Only continue if you are willing to experiment.

Visual Studio

Since deal.II 8.4.0 we have experimental support for the newer Visual Studio C++ compilers (2013 and 2015), but this is still work in progress. Please see the following threads for more details:

Installation instructions:

  1. Download and install Visual Studio: and make sure you select the C++ compiler
  2. Install cmake from (pick the windows installer)
  3. Extract deal.II to a folder, for example c:\dealii (or clone the git development version)
  4. Configure using cmake by opening cmd:

    cd c:\dealii
    mkdir build
    cd c:\dealii\build
    cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=c:\dealii\install ..
  5. Compile and install the library by opening deal.II.sln in c:\dealii\build, pick the install target and compile.

  6. in cmd go to one of the examples in c:\dealii\examples\step-xy:

    cmake -D DEAL_II_DIR=c:\dealii\install .
  7. Open the newly created solution (step-xy.sln) in that directory and compile/run/debug.

Running build tests on Windows:

Install git and mingw (for perl etc). Then create a .bat file:

git pull origin master
rmdir /Q /S buildtest15
mkdir buildtest15
cd buildtest15
ctest -C Debug -DMAKEOPTS="/m:1" -DCTEST_CMAKE_GENERATOR="Visual Studio 14 2015" -S ../tests/run_buildtest.cmake -V
cd ..

Cygwin / MingGW

Cygwin and forks such as MinGW and MinGW-64 are unsupported due to multiple unresolved miscompilation issues.

Other Windows compilers

We haven't had much success with any other compiler on Windows (Intel, Borland, ...).