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This repository contains the parameter_gui project.

It is copyrighted by Martin Steigemann and Wolfgang Bangerth and distributed under the same license as the deal.II library, i.e. The GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1 or later.



To use the parameter GUI you first need to write a description of all the parameters, their default values, patterns and documentation strings into a file in a format that the GUI can understand; this is done using the ParameterHandler::print_parameters() function with ParameterHandler::XML as second argument, as discussed in more detail below in the Representation of Parameters section. This file can then be loaded using the executable of this GUI.

Once loaded, the GUI displays subsections and individual parameters in tree form (see also the discussion in the Representation of Parameters section below). Here is a screen shot with some sub-sections expanded and one parameter selected for editing:

Paremeter GUI

Using the GUI, you can edit the values of individual parameters and save the result in the same format as before. It can then be read in using the ParameterHandler::read_input_from_xml() function.


QT Gui to edit XML parameter files



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