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Resume/CV page - Gatsby starter which uses Prismic as a headless CMS.
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Gatsby Starter: Resume/CV Site with Prismic

This project is part of a YouTube series that's about building a Resume/CV site using Gatsby, Prismic and Netlify from scratch. You can check out the following series here:

Feel free to Subscribe too ❤️

Preview site (deployed with Netlify)


Project setup

Prismic repo setup

  • Create a new Prismic repository
  • Go to gatsby-config.js file and edit the value of repositoryName to your Prismic repo name

Prismic custom types

  • Create a new single custom type called Homepage
  • Go to config/homepage.json in your project and copy everything in that file
  • Go to your newly created custom type and paste everything into the JSON Editor on the right side

Publish site from Prismic

Preview site

  • You can now do npm install
  • And then npm run dev
  • Preview your site

Setup Prismic trigger to Netlify



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