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Typescript transformer for InfernoJS
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Typescript transformer for InfernoJS.

A Typescript transformer is like a plugin to the Typescript compiler, so if you're using Typescript anyway in your project you don't need Babel as a dependency.


yarn add -D ts-transform-inferno typescript

General usage

const transformInferno = require('ts-transform-inferno').default


It's different depending on what bundler you're using. Please check the examples folder.

Usage with css-modules-next

Check out the examples folder here.

Usage with classcat

The examples are already using this. It's a custom transformer than comes before ts-transform-inferno. More about it here.

Usage with FuseBox (recommended)

Look into the examples/fuse-box folder and the fuse.js file.

You could also try to build the project by running the following commands:

cd examples/fuse-box && npm install

npm run start:dev or npm run start:prod

Usage with webpack and ts-loader

Look into the examples/webpack folder and its webpack config.

You could also try to build the project by running the following commands:

cd examples/webpack && npm install

npm run build:prod or npm start


You can run the following command to test: npm test

Adding test cases

Write your test in a .tsx file and add it to tests/cases.

Compile with npm test and look into the tests/temp and verify.

Overwrite references by running the following command: npm run overwrite-references

Run npm test again to verify that all tests are passing.


Very much inspired by these projects:

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