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A list of resources where you can spend your ETH, BTC, DAI etc.
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Use Crypto

A list of resources where you can spend your ETH, DAI etc.

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  1. Install dependencies using npm install
  2. Run site using npm start

Pull Requests

Pull requests are very welcome to both add functionality and websites - check the repo issues for details!

Adding a website

The list of all currently known websites are listed under data/data.json

Fork the repo and add any websites that are not in the list with the following format

    "title": "<Title name goes here>",
    "link": "<link to website goes here>",
    "categories": ["<single or multiple catagories seperated with commas>"],
    "crypto": ["<single or multiple accepted cryptos seperated with commas"]

For example:

    "title": "Laptop Power Bank",
    "link": "",
    "categories": ["Shopping", "Electronics"],
    "crypto": [

Then create a pull request to update the list.

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