Docker quick start for a PHP/MySQL web app
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Docker quick start

Quick start for a PHP/MySQL local development web app using Docker for Windows.


  • Install Docker
  • Clone and checkout this repo
  • Set your ServerName in .docker/vhost.conf and your hosts file, for example quickstart.local
  • Set your environment variables in docker-compose.yml - MySQL connection details etc.
  • Browse to repo in Windows Explorer and open command-prompt by typing cmd.exe in the address bar
  • Run docker-compose build to build and then docker-compose up to start, you can do this in one go with docker-compose up --build
  • Add your code to the src directory, you now have a working app using Docker.

If you need additional php extensions, add them to .docker/Dockerfile, for anything else custom, the web is a great resource.

I'll update this repo as my default app requirements change.