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Random grab bag

Catch all library for utility classes.


A random grab bag of utility classes that have no fixed abode yet.


The easiest way to use any of these classes is via composer. composer require deanblackborough/random-grab-bag, alternatively include the classes in src/ in your library.

The classes

Image Resize

You can use the resize class via the API or directly if you want or need a little more control over the output and options.


$resizer = new DBlackborough\GrabBag\ImageResize($format);

        $maintain_aspect = true, 
        $canvas_color = [ 'r' => 0, 'g' => 0, 'b' => 0]
    ->source($source_file, $source_path = '')
    ->target($target_file, $target_path = '');


$resizer = new DBlackborough\GrabBag\ImageResize\Jpeg();

        $maintain_aspect = true, 
        $canvas_color = [ 'r' => 0, 'g' => 0, 'b' => 0]
    ->loadImage($source_file, $source_path = '')

Public methods

I've listed the methods, their params and the return type. If it isn't obvious what a method does I have done a bad job of naming it, if so, please let me know.

  • createCopy() : AbstractResize
  • getInfo() : array
  • loadImage(string $file, string $path = '') : AbstractResize
  • resizeSource() : AbstractResize
  • save() : AbstractResize
  • setCanvasColor(array $canvas_color) : AbstractResize
  • setFileName(string $filename) : AbstractResize
  • setHeight(int $height) : AbstractResize
  • setOptions(int $width, int $height, int $quality, bool $maintain_aspect = true, array $canvas_color = array('r' => 255, 'g' => 255, 'b' => 255)) : AbstractResize
  • setPath($path) : AbstractResize
  • setWidth(int $width) : AbstractResize