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map/reduce failing with classloader issue
finish PLAY plugin for NoSql stuff to make that easier...only need to add edits now to playframework plugin and we are good..later add gui for queries
do a TimeUUID for PlayOrm with a type1 style UUID (ie. not random) and allow queries on time range as well.
make sure query on LocalDateTime works and add test case as well
test query by a data format like 10/2/21 10:15:37.893
add queries/indexing of @Embedded stuff as well
Add the in clause in S-SQL so we can also do a findAll without findAll method at all
tests for extra data so we can read in row AND read in data we don't have schema for as well to tack on to entity
Add generic Map<ByteArray, byte[]> to suck in additional columns we don't have schema for as well
playframework plugin as well using query interface in development mode
delayed joins not working yet
allow to query on non-index fields!!!
add support for hadoop first and then mongodb after that as well