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Why put ant optional tasks here.  Well first read the FAQ at

I am following option 2.  If I don't, I have to put junit.jar in two places

tools/ant/lib with the ant-junit task
input/lib for application developers to use the junit.jar

Instead, I separate out the ant-junit.jar and put it in the 
tools/ant-optional folder.

Then I taskdef junit against the ant-junit.jar with junit in it's classpath
which I put in


If anyone has a better suggestion, I am all ears as this is not the optimal
solution I think.  nonetheless, it works for now.

Also, junit.jar is a special version of junit.  It is 3.8.1 plus a change that
Kent Beck made for me.  IT should be checked into cvs though the change he 
checked in was not mine and broke junit very badly.  I have to request a 
fix from him.  The break was every test passing no matter what.
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