Config files "drivepath cassandra conf ..."

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##cassandra.yaml (following line #'s for build 1.1.4) Defaults for single node operation, but make sure a paths exists

  • data_file_directories (line 68)
  • commitlog_directory (line 72)
  • saved_caches_directory (line 141)

    Ensure the following are not conflicting with other services
  • storage_port (line 255) defaults at 7000(all nodes in cluster must be identical)
  • rpc_port (line 285) defaults at 9160 (used for client apps)

    Change cluster name to avoid conflicts between clusters
  • cluster_name (line 10)

    Default at blank, otherwise set to 0
  • initial_token (line 22)

  • Edit for path to log file

  • Mainly used to edit memory allocation,
    For instance, if default at:
    Configuration/User may require
    HEAP_NEWSIZE="2g", etc.

    ...A work in progress