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Download latest stable release of Cassandra at Cassandra website

Install Cassandra

Configuration Files (can be opened in Notepad/Text-pad/etc.)
In most cases adjustments aren't necessary, just download, install, and run!
If changes to config files is necessary, click Config files

Run Cassandra

At command prompt, get to the Cassandra Directory
At "Cassandra/bin/..." type "Cassandra -f", invoking the Cassandra service.
With no errors, etc. Cassandra should be working correctly.
Pressing "Control-C" stops Cassandra.

Alternate Solutions

In some cases, changes to Config files maybe necessary
Or Win7 may require a different approach, such as using DOS command prompt.

Get the code

  • You can get the zip package from zip package
  • Or you can get the code through git, if you do not know how to set git up, see here:Set Git Up

We recommend you using eclipse with E Git to get the code, and run test examples in there. The source code you got is a standard eclipse project.

Fully Ant

We are using ant to get the environment done.

  • Run build.bat(for windows).
  • OR Run build(for Linux).
  • OR Right click build.xml in eclipse Run As Ant Build...

Execute the test cases

  • Go to class com.alvazan.test.FactorySingleton and in getConfigForAllTests() change serverType to DbTypeEnum.CASSANDRA
  • If you are using Eclipse, go to package com.alvazan.test and right click on it and then Run As JUnit Test..
  • This will execute all the test cases.
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