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Alfred Fixum

Fix Alfred 3/4 Python workflows affected by bugs in Alfred-Workflow, in particular the the Sierra background process bug.

In some cases, it can also fix Alfred 3 workflows that don't work in Alfred 4.

Fixum analyses your installed workflows to see if any use an old version of the Alfred-Workflow library. If they do, it can update them with a newer, working version.


Download from GitHub releases.


Before you use this workflow, make a backup of your workflows directory. To get to it, right-click on a workflow in Alfred Preferences, choose Open in Finder, then navigate to the parent workflows directory. Drag a copy to your Desktop or run Compress "workflows" on it from the context menu.

Don't immediately run Fix Workflows, but rather be sure to View Log File and use Dry Run a few times to check this workflow isn't going to overwrite something it shouldn't.

NOTE: Fixum only looks in real directories and ignores symlinks.

If there are any workflows you don't want updating, use Edit Blacklist and add their bundle IDs to that file before you run Fix Workflows.

Opening Alfred's debugger will turn on debugging mode, and the log will contain more information.

If everything looks good, run Fix Workflows.

Alfred commands

  • fixum — Show available actions
    • A newer version of Fixum is available — Shown if an update for Fixum is available.
    • Dry Run — Analyse installed workflows, but don't change anything
    • View Log File — See what the workflow would change/has changed
    • Edit Blacklist — Change the list of bundle IDs that should not be updated (e.g. your own workflows)
    • Fix Workflows — Replace any buggy versions of Alfred-Workflow with a newer, working one

If anything goes wrong

To restore a workflow's original Alfred-Workflow library if the fix actually broke it, open the workflow in Finder (right-click on it in Alfred Preferences and choose Open in Finder). Find the workflow and workflow.old directories, trash workflow and rename workflow.old to workflow. That puts back the original version.

Getting help

Post a GitHub issue, or visit the thread for this workflow or the one for Alfred-Workflow on the Alfred forum.