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Say it with GIFs (and Alfred)
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Say it with GIFs-1.0.alfredworkflow

Say it with GIFs

A slightly more featureful version of the GIF workflow from Destroy Today for Alfred 3.


This workflow is only compatible with Alfred 3+.

You must have GraphicsMagick installed at /usr/local/bin/gm to use this workflow (e.g. via Homebrew).


In the workflow configuration sheet ([x] icon):

  1. Set GIF_DIR to the path to your local GIF hoard.
  2. Set GIF_URL to the URL that corresponds to GIF_DIR in your Dropbox or on your webserver.


  • gif [<query>] — Filter your GIFs
    • — Copy the URL of the GIF to the clipboard
    • ⌘+↩ — Open the (remote) GIF in your browser
    • ⌥+↩ — Copy URL as BB Code markup
    • ^+↩ — Copy URL as Markdown markup

Licensing, thanks

This workflow is released under the MIT licence.

It depends on GraphicsMagick and the Alfred-Workflow library, both also released under the MIT licence.

The icon is from the Destroy Today workflow on which it's based.

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