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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Copyright (c) 2017 Dean Jackson <>
# MIT Licence. See
# Created on 2017-03-13
"""Wrapper around the `mpc` command-line client for `mpd`."""
from __future__ import print_function, absolute_import
from collections import namedtuple, OrderedDict
import logging
import os
import re
import subprocess
import time
MPC = os.getenv('MPC') or 'mpc'
MPD_HOST = os.getenv('MPD_HOST') or 'localhost'
MPD_PORT = os.getenv('MPD_PORT') or '6600'
# The maximum number of track that will be read from MPD
# Set to 0 to fetch all results
# The "wire" format for tracks. This includes all the metadata
# the workflow needs.
# Unicode characters:
# \U000000A0 non-breaking space
# \U0001F389 party popper
# \U0000266A eighth note
# DELIMITER = u'\U000000A0\U0001F389\U000000A0' # party popper
DELIMITER = u'\U000000A0\U0000266A\U000000A0' # eighth note
RESULT_FORMAT = (u'%artist%{0}%album%{0}%disc%{0}'
log = logging.getLogger('workflow.{}'.format(__name__))
class MPDError(Exception):
"""Base exception for problems with MPD."""
def __init__(self, msg, reason=''):
"""Create a new MPD error."""
super(MPDError, self).__init__()
self.msg = msg
self.reason = reason
class CommandFailed(MPDError):
"""Raised if MPD doesn't like the input."""
def __init__(self, msg, cmd, reason=''):
"""Create a new MPD error."""
super(CommandFailed, self).__init__(msg, reason)
self.cmd = cmd
class ConnectionError(MPDError):
"""Raised if a connection can't be established."""
class InvalidType(MPDError):
"""Raised if an invalid type is specified."""
def __init__(self, err):
"""Create a new errror."""
bad, valid = self._parse_err(err)
super(InvalidType, self).__init__(
'Invalid search type',
'"{}" is not a valid type. Choose from {}'.format(bad, valid))
self.what = bad
self.valid = valid
def _parse_err(err):
"""Parse the server error message into bad and valid types."""
m = re.match(r'"(.*?)" is not a valid search type: <(.+)>', err)
if not m:
raise ValueError('could not parse MPD error : {!r}'.format(err))
bad, valid = m.groups()
return bad, tuple(valid.split('|'))
# Data models returned by this module
Stats = namedtuple('Stats', 'artists albums songs')
Status = namedtuple('Status', 'track playing index total volume')
Track = namedtuple('Track', 'artist album disc track title file')
def _stringify(obj):
"""Turn ``obj`` into a string for `Popen`."""
if isinstance(obj, str):
return obj
if isinstance(obj, unicode):
return obj.encode('utf-8')
return str(obj)
def _parse_error_msg(err):
"""Parse MPD error message."""
if not err.startswith('mpd error:'):
return err
return err.split(':', 1)[1].strip()
def _parse_track_list(out):
"""Parse `mpc` output into a list of `Track` tuples."""
tracks = []
lines = out.splitlines()
for i, line in enumerate(lines):
if MAX_RESULTS and i >= MAX_RESULTS - 1:
log.debug('truncated results to %d/%d', MAX_RESULTS, len(lines))
return tracks
def mpc(command, args=None, opts=None):
"""Execute ``mpc`` and return output."""
command = _stringify(command)
args = [_stringify(s) for s in args or []]
opts = [_stringify(s) for s in opts or []]
cmd = [MPC, '--host', MPD_HOST, '--port', MPD_PORT] \
+ opts \
+ [command] \
+ args
log.debug('mpc command: %s', [command] + args)
start = time.time()
p = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
# MPD uses UTF-8 only
out, err = [s.decode('utf-8') for s in p.communicate()]
err = _parse_error_msg(err)
elapsed = time.time() - start
if p.returncode:
# Raise custom errors
if err == u'Connection refused':
raise ConnectionError(
"Can't connect to MPD",
"Are your host & port settings correct? Is MPD running?")
if 'is not a valid search type' in err:
raise InvalidType(err)
log.error('command failed: %s', err)
raise CommandFailed('MPD error ({})'.format(p.returncode), cmd, err)
# log.debug('------------- STDOUT -------------')
# log.debug(out)
# if err:
# log.debug('------------- mpc error -------------')
# log.debug(err)
# log.debug('-------------------------------------')
log.debug('Finished in %0.2fs', elapsed)
return out
def mpctracks(command, args=None):
"""Fetch a list of `Track` tuples from MPD."""
out = mpc(command, args, ('-f', RESULT_FORMAT))
return _parse_track_list(out)
def version():
"""Fetch MPD API version."""
# sample output:
# mpd version: 0.20.0
s = mpc('version')
return s.split(':')[-1].strip()
def playlists():
"""Fetch lists of available playlists."""
return mpc('lsplaylists').splitlines()
def _parse_query(query):
"""Parse ``type:query`` elements in type & query pairs."""
if ':' not in query:
return ['any', query]
pairs = []
for word in query.split():
if ':' in word:
pairs.append((None, word))
args = []
typ = None
q = u''
for t, w in pairs:
if t:
if q:
q = u''
typ = t
elif not typ:
typ = 'any'
q = u'{} {}'.format(q, w).strip()
# args.append(w)
log.debug('query=%r, mpc=%r', query, args)
return args
def search(query):
"""Retrieve matching tracks."""
args = _parse_query(query)
return mpctracks('search', args)
def find(query):
"""Retrieve *exactly* matching tracks."""
args = _parse_query(query)
return mpctracks('find', args)
def types():
"""Fetch list of valid search types."""
# mpc doesn't appear to provide a list, so provoke an
# InvalidType error by sending an invalid type.
except InvalidType as exc:
return exc.valid
def stats():
"""Fetch statistics about MPD library."""
artists = 0
albums = 0
songs = 0
for line in mpc('stats').splitlines():
if u':' not in line:
key, val = [s.strip() for s in line.split(u':', 1)]
if key == u'Artists':
artists = int(val)
elif key == u'Albums':
albums = int(val)
elif key == u'Songs':
songs = int(val)
return Stats(artists, albums, songs)
_match_playback_status = re.compile(r"""
\[([a-z]+)\]\s+ # playback status
\#(\d+)/(\d+)\s+ # playlist position
\((\d+)%\) # progress
.* # anything else
""", re.VERBOSE).match
_find_playback_settings = re.compile(r'(\w+): ?([0-9%ofn/a]+)').findall
def _parse_status(out):
"""Parse ``mpc`` status response returned by many commands."""
mode = 'stopped'
pos = count = pc = volume = 0
cur = None
for i, line in enumerate(out.splitlines()):
log.debug('status: %r', line)
m = _match_playback_status(line)
if m: # playback status
mode, pos, count, pc = m.groups()
pos, count, pc = [int(s) for s in (pos, count, pc)]
log.debug('mode=%r, pos=%r, count=%r, pc=%r', mode, pos, count, pc)
elif line.startswith('volume'): # playback settings
for k, v in _find_playback_settings(line):
if k == 'volume':
if v.strip() == 'n/a': # hardware decoder
volume = 'n/a'
volume = int(v.rstrip('%'))
log.debug('volume=%r', volume)
elif DELIMITER in line: # current track
# log.debug('current track: %r', line)
cur = _parse_track_list(line)[0]
log.debug('current track=%r', cur)
return Status(cur, mode == 'playing', pos, count, volume)
def artists(query=None):
"""List/search artists."""
artists = OrderedDict()
if query:
out = mpc('search',
['artist', query],
('-f', '%artist%')).strip()
out = mpc('list', ['artist']).strip()
if not out:
return []
results = out.split('\n')
log.debug('results=%r', results)
for name in results:
artists[name] = True
return artists.keys()
def albums(query=None):
"""List/search all artists."""
albums = OrderedDict()
if query:
out = mpc('search',
['album', query],
('-f', '%album%')).strip()
out = mpc('list', ['album']).strip()
if not out:
return []
results = out.split('\n')
log.debug('results=%r', results)
for name in results:
albums[name] = True
return albums.keys()
def status():
"""Retrieve MPD status inc. playing/paused and volume."""
out = mpc('status', opts=('--format', RESULT_FORMAT))
return _parse_status(out)
def queue():
"""Retrieve tracks in queue."""
return mpctracks('playlist')
def clear():
"""Clear queue."""
def update():
"""Rescan media for changes."""
def current():
"""Fetch current track."""
tracks = mpctracks('current')
if not tracks:
return None
return tracks[0]
def playing():
"""Retrieve playback status."""
return status().playing
def playpause():
"""Start/stop playback."""
if playing():
mpc('pause')'playback paused')
# TODO: check if there are tracks to play?
c = current()
q = queue()
log.debug('current=%r, %d tracks in queue', c, len(q))
mpc('play')'playback started')
def play(index=None):
"""Start playback."""
args = [index] if index else []
out = mpc('play', args)'playback started')
return _parse_status(out)
def play_playlist(name):
"""Play a playlist."""
mpc('load', [name])
def stop():
"""Stop playback."""
out = mpc('stop')'playback stopped')
return _parse_status(out)
def queue_track(track):
"""Add a `Track` to the queue."""
mpc('add', (track.file,))'track queued: %s', track.file)
def remove_track(track):
"""Remove a `Track` from the queue."""
idx = 0
for i, t in enumerate(queue()):
idx += 1
if t.file == track.file:
mpc('del', (idx,))
idx -= 1'track removed: %s', track.file)
def skip_next():
"""Go to next track."""
out = mpc('next')
log.debug('out=%r', out)'skipped to next track')
def skip_previous():
"""Go to previous track."""
out = mpc('prev')
log.debug('out=%r', out)'skipped to previous track')
def _setvol(v):
"""Set volume to ``v``."""
out = mpc('volume', (v,))
st = _parse_status(out)'volume set to %d%%', st.volume)
return st
def mute():
"""Set volume to 0."""
return _setvol('0')
def volume_up():
"""Increase volume."""
return _setvol('+10')
def volume_down():
"""Decrease volume."""
return _setvol('-10')
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