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Normal UI enhancements:
- Start from arbitrary FEN - DONE
- Display move errors in standard way for AJAX/POST - DONE
- Allow click-click moving (highlighting/cancel highlighting selected piece) - DONE
- When move ends (either checkmate or resignation) - send emails
- Link/keyboard shortcut (ajax-updated?) for next match
- Tabs on rightside (graveyard, etc.., focused if chat arrives)
- Double (or wrong move emails) - DONE?
- Mobile site click-click
- Ssh key issue on DH makes not deployable right now
Mobile playability (TODO break this down into minimal steps needed)
- Link to mobile /normal site (for recognized user agents)
- Simple streamlined templates - DONE
- Click-click move interface - DONE
- No auto-refresh - DONE
- Fewer (or no) clicks to get to an active match on which it's your turn
Enabling for future dev:
- bundler (done, rolled back except for rails 3)
- i18n (in progress)
- rails 3 (in progress)
- Allow pointing frontend at any REST backend
If there's time:
- Make frontend configurable as to which REST backend it talks to
- Use HTML5 websockets/local storage