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Export makeOctahedron and forEachVertex.

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commit 351b376a3dbc6b1b02b5d448678d80662544407d 1 parent f431afc
@deanm authored
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  1. +2 −0  pre3d_shape_utils.js
2  pre3d_shape_utils.js
@@ -707,12 +707,14 @@ Pre3d.ShapeUtils = (function() {
rebuildMeta: rebuildMeta,
triangulate: triangulate,
forEachFace: forEachFace,
+ forEachVertex: forEachVertex,
makePlane: makePlane,
makeCube: makeCube,
makeBox: makeBox,
makeBoxWithHole: makeBoxWithHole,
makeSphere: makeSphere,
+ makeOctahedron: makeOctahedron,
averageSmooth: averageSmooth,
linearSubdivide: linearSubdivide,
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