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fbconsole.ACCESS_TOKEN = '<your-access-token>'
+As a means to set the `ACCESS_TOKEN`, fbconsole provides an automatic
+mechanism for authenticating server-side apps by completing the OAuth
+process automatically:
+ fbconsole.automatically_authenticate(
+ username, # facebook username for authentication
+ password, # facebook password for authentication
+ app_secret, # "app secret" from [facebook settings](
+ redirect_uri, # redirect uri specified in [facebook settings](
+ )
+This method for authentication is particularly helpful, for example,
+for running cron jobs that grab data from the Graph API on a daily
+basis. If you have any trouble using the `automatic_authentication`
+method, be sure to double check that the username, password, app
+secret, and redirect uri are all consistent with your apps
+[facebook settings](
### Other Options ###

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