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A simple snippet sharing site. You can see the site live at

Getting Started

Sniply has been testing on Ruby 2.1.8.

bundle install
rake db:create db:migrate

You need to create an application on the Twitter Developer site. When creating a new application, set the 'callback URL' as the http://localhost:3000/auth/callback. Copy the 'consumer key' and the 'consumer secret' keys into config/initializers/omniauth.rb replacing ENV['SNIPLY_TWITTER_KEY'] and ENV['SNIPLY_TWITTER_SECRET'].

When in production, the 'callback URL' needs to be changed to your site URL with /auth/callback on the end. Also you should set the environment variables set for SNIPLY_TWITTER_KEY and SNIPLY_TWITTER_SECRET. You can paste these into your source code but it is a security risk. You should keep these details secret.

Once everything is setup, start up the server with rails server and direct your web browser to localhost:3000. Login with Twitter and you will be greeted with a new snippet form.


Fork this project, make any changes and create a pull request :)


This project is licensed under the ☺ Licence.