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sfuikit - Satisfactory User Interface Kit

A UI kit for Satisfactory mods

This is currently very much a WIP. While the PSD is ready to go in its current state, the information provided here is incomplete.

This is a "build your own" UI kit for modders of the game Satisfactory, it's all vector-based and will require Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 or later and can be used to integrate your mod's UI with Satisfactory's. Other applications or older versions of Photoshop may not open these files correctly but it is assumed you'll be using a version compatible with the files. Currently this repository is just a reproduction of standard in-game UI assets but shall be expanded over time. To use this kit, it is assumed that you can use Photoshop capably and understand layer effects. You will also need game assets to complete your UI, which cannot be provided here for copyright reasons. You can export them from the game pak yourself with a tool like UModel, guidance for using UModel can be found at the link.

You will also require the following fonts to render the PSD files correctly:

This pack is created and maintained by Deantendo and Treelo and both can be found on the Satisfactory Modding server on Discord (also via DiscordTags Deantendo#4265 and nini#0100)

Contributions to this pack are welcome, though final acceptance and edits will be at the discretion of the pack maintainer for the time being or at such time as the pack is presented in a more open format.

Future project goals

  • To make the project more open to submissions from approved contributors
  • To split the current initial file set into per-item files.
  • To explore compatibility between PS, GIMP, and perhaps other options.
  • To tidy the initial repo
  • To write a more in-depth guide
  • To source links to suitable PS tutorials.
  • To create some simple templates so that creators of smaller mods can 'self-serve'
  • To create a system through which modders can request UI work for their mods.
  • Creation of .uasset versions for easy integration with UE4.


A UI kit for Satisfactory mods






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