My various presentations to conferences, user groups, etc.
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BashAndAllThat Bash and All That - GOTO Chicago talk Apr 25, 2018
BetterProgrammingThroughFP Removed references to old employers. Apr 12, 2013
BetterRubyThroughFP Added my old "Better Ruby through FP" talks. Feb 1, 2012
DataScienceAtScaleWithSpark Minor updates Oct 17, 2016
DeepLearningWithFlink Flink Forward SF 2017 talk Apr 12, 2017
Executive-Briefing,What-you-need-to-know-about-fast-data Typo fixes and a few improvements Jun 10, 2018
FP_CopiousData Moved images. Dec 7, 2014
FromBigDataToBigInformation Refinements for CodeMesh 2013. Nov 29, 2013
GOTOcph_2014 Typos and wording refinements. Sep 30, 2014
Heresies and Dogmas Updates for CME conference. Oct 30, 2011
Hive-SQLforHadoop Updated image. Nov 30, 2014
HowFPChangesDevPractices Removed references to old employers. Apr 12, 2013
KafkaMicroservices-AkkaStreams-KafkaStreams Minor refinements May 4, 2018
Mesoscon2017-StreamingLessonsLearned Mesoscon LA 2017 presentation Sep 16, 2017
NEScala2012 Title page image Apr 15, 2012
PolyglotPolyParadigm title slide image. Apr 2, 2011
PragmaticsOfIndustrialSWDevelopment Saving refinements made while preparing the final exam. Dec 29, 2010
QConNYC2012 Saving work on updated MapReduce talk. Nov 14, 2012
ReactiveProgramming Updates for CJUG May 19, 2015 May 19, 2015
SMACK Stack Final tweaks for SW Arch. Conf in SF Nov 18, 2016
SQLStrikesBack Image for websites. Nov 24, 2014
ScalaJVMBigData-SparkLessons Cleaning up this repo a bit. Apr 16, 2017
ScaldingForHadoop Final Seductions of Scala tutorials for GOTOChicago 2013. Apr 26, 2013
SeductionsOfScala Updated for CASE meetup July 23rd, 2015 Jul 23, 2015
Spark - The Next Top Compute Model
Spark Streaming Spark Streaming presentation. Oct 29, 2014
Spark20 Minor updates Oct 17, 2016
SparkOnMesos Cleaning up this repo a bit. Apr 16, 2017
StreamAllTheThings Numerous refinements May 23, 2018
UnreasonableEffectivenessOfScalaForBigData Tweaks Sep 14, 2015
WhatsAheadForBigData SQL Strikes Back presentation. Nov 5, 2014
WhyScalaIsTakingOverTheBigDataWorld Cleaning up this repo a bit. Apr 16, 2017
akka-intro Final draft of Scala eXchange 2014 talk. Dec 8, 2014
images Final edits before Strata San Jose 2018 for my Kafka talk Mar 8, 2018
LICENSE.txt Adding images and the CC license. Apr 13, 2014 Update Jan 16, 2015

Dean Wampler's Presentations

This repo contains some of the presentations I've given over the years at conferences, user groups, etc. Not all of them are here yet. You can find all of them at

Unless otherwise noted, all are covered by the Creative Commons License.