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My various presentations to conferences, user groups, etc.
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BetterProgrammingThroughFP Removed references to old employers.
BetterRubyThroughFP Added my old "Better Ruby through FP" talks.
DataScienceAtScaleWithSpark Spark Summit version of "Spark on Mesos".
FP_CopiousData Moved images.
FromBigDataToBigInformation Refinements for CodeMesh 2013.
GOTOcph_2014 Typos and wording refinements.
Heresies and Dogmas Updates for CME conference.
Hive-SQLforHadoop Updated image.
HowFPChangesDevPractices Removed references to old employers.
MapReduceAndItsDiscontents Fixed lines.
NEScala2012 Title page image
PolyglotPolyParadigm title slide image.
PragmaticsOfIndustrialSWDevelopment Saving refinements made while preparing the final exam.
QConNYC2012 Saving work on updated MapReduce talk.
ReactiveProgramming Updates for CJUG May 19, 2015
SQLStrikesBack Image for websites.
ScaldingForHadoop Final Seductions of Scala tutorials for GOTOChicago 2013.
SeductionsOfScala Updated for CASE meetup July 23rd, 2015
Spark - The Next Top Compute Model Spark Summit version of "Spark on Mesos".
Spark Streaming Spark Streaming presentation.
SparkOnMesos Spark Summit version of "Spark on Mesos".
UnreasonableEffectivenessOfScalaForBigData Added the Scalding logo.
WhatsAheadForBigData SQL Strikes Back presentation.
WhyScalaIsTakingOverTheBigDataWorld Tweaks
akka-intro Final draft of Scala eXchange 2014 talk.
images Removed some image files that belong elsewhere
.gitignore Reorganized the reactive talks.
LICENSE.txt Adding images and the CC license. Update

Dean Wampler's Presentations

This repo contains some of the presentations I've given over the years at conferences, user groups, etc. Not all of them are here yet. You can find all of them at

Unless otherwise noted, all are covered by the Creative Commons License.

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