Extend puppet-lint to ensure all template and epp functions filenames end correctly.
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puppet-lint template file extension check

Extends puppet-lint to ensure all file names used in template and epp functions end with the string '.erb' or '.epp' respectively

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This plugin is an extension of our local style guide and may not suit your own code base. This sample would trigger the puppet-lint warning:

class valid_template_filename {
  file { '/tmp/templated':
    content => template('mymodule/single_file.config'),

# all template file names should end with .erb

And this would trigger an EPP (Embedded Puppet) specific warning:

class epp_multi_templated_file {
  file { '/tmp/templated':
    content => epp('mymodule/first_file.epp', 'mymodule/second_file.conf'),

# all epp file names should end with .epp


To use this plugin add the following line to your Gemfile

gem 'puppet-lint-template_file_extension-check'

and then run bundle install.


This plugin provides a new check to puppet-lint.

all template file names should end with .erb

all epp file names should end with .epp

Other puppet-lint plugins

You can find a list of my puppet-lint plugins in the unixdaemon puppet-lint-plugins repo.


Dean Wilson


  • MIT