Terraform Module to create an email backed SNS topic
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SNS Email Topic Terraform Module


Although Terraform supports most of the AWS SNS resource options you'll need sometimes you'll want to set up a notification topic that uses the email or email-json protocols. When using either of those an email is sent to the given address that needs to be confirmed out of bounds, which isn't really the model that Terraform wants, or should, support.

This thin wrapper module creates an SNS email topic using a tiny CloudFormation stack and exposes the topics ARN back to, and through, Terraform


Use the module in your terraform files:

module "admin-sns-email-topic" {
  source = "github.com/deanwilson/tf_sns_email"

  display_name  = "Example.org Admin Notifications"
  email_address = "admin@example.org"
  owner         = "Example.org:Admin"
  stack_name    = "admin-sns-email"

and then run a terraform init to download the module.

Once you've applied it you can check the value with

terraform output -module=admin-sns-email-topic arn


You can apply additional tags to CloudFormation stack that terraform creates using the additional_tags input when calling the module.

additional_tags = {
  "RunFrom" = "Jenkins",
  "Level"   = "SENSITIVE"


Name Description Type Default Required
additional_tags The tags to apply to resources created by this module map <map> no
aws_region AWS region string eu-west-1 no
display_name Name shown in confirmation emails string tf_sns_email no
email_address Email address to send notifications to string - yes
owner Sets the owner tag on the CloudFormation stack string tf_sns_email no
protocol SNS Protocol to use. email or email-json string email no
stack_name Cloudformation stack name that wraps the SNS topic. Must be unique. string tf-sns-email no


Name Description
arn Email SNS topic ARN


Dean Wilson