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Symfony 1.4, 1.3, 1.2 plugin for uploading and managing images, videos, pdf's files and folders.
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# symfony 1.2/1.3/1.4 library upload assets manager


## What is it ?

sfMediaBrowser is a symfony 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 plugin that allows you to manage all your file uploads.  
It does NOT use any database as it works directly on file structure.

This plugin bundle an interface for managing folder and file under a configured folder. If you know sfMediaBrowser, you will most probably recognise its easy to understand interface.

The plugin also bundles a form widget and a form validator for replacing a html native file upload and therefore browser directly from the server.

The plugin is also ready for TinyMCE !  
That means you insert 2 line of javascript and you browser your images, videos and file from tinyMCE using the sfMediaBrowser.

## How to install ?

    cd plugins
    git clone git://

_If you don't have git install and don't want to install it, you can [download a sandbox version][19]_

edit /config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php :

    $this->enablePlugins('sfDoctrinePlugin', 'sfMediaBrowserPlugin');

run :

    symfony plugin:publish-assets

## How to run the media browser ?

edit /apps/_your\_app_/app.yml :

    enabled_modules:        [sfMediaBrowser]

Open your browser, go to your app and run the url /sf\_media\_browser, and play around !

## How to use the file upload widget ?


Edit your form class :

_Here we use an "image" field as an example :_

    $this->setWidget('image', new sfWidgetFormInputMediaBrowser());
    $this->setValidator('image', new sfValidatorMediaBrowserFile());

> Refer to [the full example upload file widget]( "File upload widget") for a fully working sample code.

## How to use with TinyMCE ?

*   Include this javascript in your template :


*   insert this javascript in your html :


*   Setup your tinyMCE.init with this option :

        file_browser_callback: "sfMediaBrowserWindowManager.tinymceCallback"

*   Now, when selecting an image, video, link file from tinyMCE, it should pop up a sfMediaBrowser window.

> See the [full tinymce example page]( "File upload manager for TinyMCE") for a full working example

## How to configure ?

see the /plugins/sfMediaBrowserPlugin/config/app.yml file for configuration.

If you need further configuration, you should consider [extending the plugin][22]

## How to help ?

You can participate by many ways :

*   Spreading the link
*   Debugging, improving, testing, forking, adapting, patching the source code
*   Mailing me to let me know what you think of it
*   Going to and add yourself as a user

  - improve security and lock parent root folder browsing
  - test sfValidatorMediaBrowserFile
  - add another browsing view with folder tree and files seperated
  - add file edition functionalities (move, rename)
  - add image edition functionalities (resize and maybe rotate)
  - add permission managment (sfModularSecurity ?)
  - add a jquery optional version (dom's filepicker. ajax view ? crop image ?)
  - add sfDynamics packages managment

## About

The lead developer is Vincent Agnano <>.
You may contact me at the email address here above.
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