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Just some directions on how I am running these experiments, in case
anyone wants to try to replicate.

Most of my systems run debian.  From a fairly stock debian install you
will need to install the following packages:

apt-get install libmpich-dev (might be libmpich2-dev on older systems)
apt-get install gfortran

Next, get and install OpenBlas.  You can get the git tree, but usually
I'll get the most recent stable release tarball.
(You can also use current git version if you're daring).

Untar it, then usually it's just a matter of "make".  If you have unusual
hardware you might have to specify the architecture by hand.
On a slow machine (like a pi) it might take a few hours to build.

Next get hpl.  Hpl is notriously a pain to get built.  I'll do the following:
	Download from here:
	I have been using hpl-2.2

	Untar it.

	Make a Make.OpenBLAS config file.  I've included mine here,
	but note your paths might have to be adjusted.
	Espcially the path to where your OpenBLAS lives, and also MPI
		(most notably if you are trying to use OpenMPI instead)

	Make a link to the hpl-1.2 directory from hpl in your home directory.
	I'm not sure why but it always fails if I don't do this.

		cd ; ln -s PATH_TO_HPL hpl

	Run "make arch=OpenBLAS"

	And if all went well, it will generate a file

	Next copy in a good HPL.dat file to use.  The one I used
	is included in the results directory for each machine I ran on.
	You will likely want to edit the N line to match.

	Then just run "xhpl" and you will be good.

Running with MPI:
	TODO, as I've been having troubles recently

To use fewer than needed cores:
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