tools for setting and accessing advaned low-level CPU features
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This package holds kernel modules that allow accessing low-level
CPU features that might not have kernel support yet.

  core2-prefetch	: disable prefetching on Core2 processors
  cortex-a9-cache	: disable cache on Cortex A9
  cortex-a9-config	: reads config info on Cortex A9
  cortex-a9-prefetch	: disable L2 cache on Cortex A9
  intel-prefetch	: disable prefetch on most modern intel processors
  mc1208fs-plus		: read values from Measurement Computing USB-1208FS-PLUS DAQ
  r12k-brpred		: set values for MIPS R12000 branch predictors
  rapl-read		: read x86 RAPL power/energy info
  rasp-pi-brpred	: code to disable branch predictor on ARM 1176
  rasp-pi-pmu		: tests performance counters on raspberry pi ARM 1176
  rasp-pi2-cortexA7-disable : disable features on Pi2/CortexA7
  rdpmc-bench		: code to text x86 rdpmc overhead
  wattsup		: code to read the wattsup power meter

  rasp-pi-cache : set cache values on raspberry pi ARM 1176 processor

Vince Weaver
29 June 2016