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This is code for running various LED displays.

It has grown to also be where I dump code for doing low-level I/O
with various development boards.

Originally intended to function as CPU usage meters, the code
also includes demos for things such as clocks, space battles, 
music visualization, etc.

vmw-meter   : a simple string of LEDs hooked to a PC's parallel port
svmw-meter  : a complex LED display with 6 14-segment characters,
              two bargraphs, and a rainbow display.  Run via i2c
              either over a parallel port or USB
8x8backpack : The adafruit Raspberry Pi 8x8 backpack
4x7segment  : a 7-segment backpack
gpio        : code to fiddle with gpios
nunchuck    : code that runs displays while reading a Wii nunchuck
pov2        : code for use with adafruit pov2 display
time_circuit: code for driving a time-circuit like display
stm32l      : code for driving a STM32L discovery board


22 January 2014
Vince Weaver   <vince _at_>