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cm9 device tree for LG Spectrum 4G on Verizon Wireless
C++ C Shell
branch: cm9

Update prebuilt kernel

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audio_policy_legacy fix audio build issues and add MDP_Y_CBCR_H2V2_ADRENO to msm_mdp.h
config Initial Spectrum commit for CM9 support
hwaddrs Initial Spectrum commit for CM9 support
include fix msm_vidc_dec.h and msm_vidc_enc.h
liblights Modify boardconfig, add liblights, remove audio_policy_legacy
overlay fix overlay part2 of 2
prebuilt give us something pretty to look at between initial LG logo and the b…
recovery modified:
.gitignore add .gitignore Change device name from spectrum to vs920 Initial Spectrum commit for CM9 support Change device name from spectrum to vs920 minor, probably useless changes
NOTICE Initial Spectrum commit for CM9 support
README.mkdn modified: Fix and
egl.cfg Initial Spectrum commit for CM9 support fix from extracting to spectrum vendor tree and rena…
init.lge.usb.rc Initial Spectrum commit for CM9 support
init.qcom.rc minor, probably useless changes
init.rc minor, probably useless changes strace qcks to see why it crashes
kernel Update prebuilt kernel
proprietary-files.txt finished
recovery.fstab Fix recovery.fstab and and recovery-gfx.c fix for
system.prop Fix recovery.fstab and and recovery-gfx.c
ueventd.rc Debug system-server Fix and remove pointless flood of header files to fix build issues


Device tree for the LG Spectrum 4g LGVS920 on Verizon Wireless.



This short guide assumes you're on Ubuntu 11.04 or above

Getting the (right) source

First, we need to create directories for the build (system can be whatever you want to name your working directory):

$ mkdir -p ~/bin

$ mkdir -p ~/android/system

Now we'll need repo. Let's download it and make it executable:

$ curl > ~/bin/repo

$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Log out and back in so the changes take effect.

Now initialized the repository and pull the source (with my repos attached):

$ cd ~/android/system/

$ repo init -u git:// -b ics

$ repo sync

Depending on your connection, this might take awhile.

Getting my LG Spectrum 4g LGVS920 repo

$ cd ~/android/system/device/

$ mkdir lge

$ cd lge

$ git clone vs920

Extract necessary binaries and proprietary files

We will need to reuse some proprietary files from the stock ROM:

$ cd

$ cd ~/android/system/device/lge/vs920

$ ./

Building CM9

Once thats done you can start compiling.

Follow the aosp instructions on setting up the build environment. -

When the environment is setup, we need to grab a copy of Koush's ROM Manager and the Term.apk. This is necessary to build CM9.

$ cd ~/android/system/vendor/cm

$ ./get-prebuilts

Now, we build (system being your work directory):

$ cd ~/android/system

To build for the LG Spectrum:

$ . build/ && brunch vs920

Installing CM9

If the build was successful, you can now take the update zip found in out/target/product/vs920/ and flash using a custom recovery. Make sure to grab the latest Gapps to complete the experience.

When you want to rebuild with new changes to the or after syncing to the latest CM src make sure to do the following before you recompile.

$ make clobber
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