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@deathkiller deathkiller released this Jul 6, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

New website was created for this project –
Release notes can be found here.
You can also join Discord.

Game files must be imported again! Saved progress in Jazz2.settings file can be transfered to the new version.

  • Full asynchronous resource loading
  • Framerate-independent motion and physics
  • WebAssembly port for web browsers
  • If player dies, all enemies and collectibles will be reverted back to checkpoint (but tilemap, ammo and upgrades still remain)
  • Added Score to in-game HUD
  • Added Discord integration – Rich Presence is shown in Discord client
  • Added parallax stars in textured background
  • Added intro and ending videos
  • Added Swinging Vine event
  • Added shallow water with water splash and limited movement (Water Block event)
  • Added some other missing level events
  • Added Bird fire sound
  • Added difficulty image transition in main menu
  • Added lowpass effect to music in in-game menu
  • All level texts can be translated
  • Added Turkish translation by Alperen Kitapçı
  • Added "Installation is not complete!" message to main menu – the game doesn't crash anymore
  • Added /connect:<ip>:<port> startup parameter to connect to multiplayer server by IP address
  • The game does not crash while loading corrupted levels anymore
  • Fire key can be used as Action/Confirm key in main menu
  • Automatic shader reload in DEBUG build
  • Changed font animation
  • Reworked lighting – better noise lights and some other adjustments
  • Reworked collisions
  • Reworked sounds
  • Reworked Electro weapon – projectiles can fly through walls
  • Reworked Freezer weapon – projectiles don't spawn particles underwater
  • Reworked RF and Seeker weapons – fire-rate is not affected by Fast Fire collectible
  • Reworked Seeker weapons – missiles don't lock on enemy projectiles anymore
  • Reworked Toaster weapon – disabled in water, reduced ammo consumption
  • Reworked TNT weapon – it explodes sooner if it's placed near enemy/object
  • Reworked sliders in settings
  • Reworked console input and output in Import.exe and Jazz2.Server.exe
  • Optimized shaders (mainly lighting-related and water)
  • Better position interpolation in multiplayer
  • Adjusted offsets of background layer – difference can be seen in the first levels of Formerly a Prince
  • Adjusted gunspot used in water
  • Adjusted Jazz's uppercut – reduced resulting force
  • Enlarged Turtle Shell hitbox
  • Reduced gravity and elasticity in water
  • Tweaked main menu and HUD
  • Updated translations – some minor corrections in existing translations
  • Fixed particle spawning
  • Fixed player movement in water – disabled running in water
  • Fixed movement of all weapon projectiles
  • Fixed Bird – only one Bird can be tamed at one time
  • Fixed Bird Cage – cage can be destroyed only once
  • Fixed Bolly boss – the boss is fully functional now
  • Fixed Bridge
  • Fixed Checkpoint – checkpoint is opened only once
  • Fixed Gem Ring
  • Fixed Pole – player no longer jumps through it, Poles can be destroyed by TNT
  • Fixed Power-up Monitors – it can be destroyed using Blaster too
  • Fixed Queen boss
  • Fixed Rolling Rock – implemented better physics
  • Fixed multiplayer server selection
  • Removed old incomplete Editor
  • Linux: Added logo back to Import.exe
  • Linux: Fixed multiplayer
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