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QServ Build Status contributions welcome

QServ is a highly configurable, compact, fast, extendable, cross-compatible, standalone server modification with community-requested features for Cube 2: Sauerbraten. It is a rather small (approximately 43mb) and only uses about 1% of the CPU with a normal load. The mod was originally ported from Trooper Edition and has been around for 7 years.


30+ commands, GeoIP city/region & country, IRC Bot with commands, mobile phone IRC server administration (kick/ban/etc.), multi-server chat linkage, smartbot (weather/translator/dictionary/calculator), killing spree messages, server stored maps, longshot/close up kills, beststats, pass-the-flag, command builder, reloadable server configuration/authkeys live without restart, banlist, selective unbanning, banning by ip, permanent banning (even after restart), chat/server log with time, automatically sent maps with lightmaps, lag detection, instagib on automatically sent maps from the server with lights, no teamkill damage toggle, no damage toggle, stored flagrun times, banner messages, no 1 person private mode toggle, greet clients with name toggle, default gamemode/map option, reloadable authkey system (add authkeys from the server), spam protection, overload protection, clanwar command (starts a timer and enables persistent teams), ability to call administrators from server, etc.


Github offers a zip (link below) or you can git clone the repository from the command line

Direct Download link:

Terminal Download Command: git clone

(requires git): sudo apt-get install git-all or


You can simply use the included precompiled executables in the QServCollect-master/bins folder. please move the qserv osx or qserv linux (according to if you're on mac osx or linux) executable into the root QServCollect-master folder and rename it qserv, then run the server executable by executing ./qserv. If the x64 executables are not compatible with your system (for example, if you have a 32 bit operating system), then please compile QServ yourself and create your own executable by following the steps below:




  • Cmake: Download a Linux binary from or run "sudo apt-get install cmake"
  • install Zlib from Terminal: "sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev"
  • install compiler from Terminal: "sudo apt-get install build-essential"
  • update from Terminal: "sudo apt-get update"


Compiling Instructions

Please make sure you have all of the requirements for compiling (listed above) installed before continuing.

Instructional video on how to download/install (compile) QServ

  1. Download QServ by clicking here or run "git clone" from command line (requires git): "sudo apt-get install git-all" or

  2. place the QServCollect folder on your Desktop and make sure it's named accordingly

  3. Open command line and type: "cd Desktop/QServCollect"

  4. Run the cmake command (or select the QServCollect folder from the CMake GUI): "cmake ."

  5. Run the make command: "make"

  6. Run the start server command: "./qserv" for a live log, "nohup ./qserv &" for background

Note: if you just use "./qserv" you will need to keep the window open to keep the server running. It is suggested that you always run "nohup ./qserv &" to keep the server up in the background and output the log to nohup.out.

  • Press Control-C to stop, or use "top" to get the PID of QServ then use "kill PID" to kill a background server


  • Configure general attributes in config/server-init.cfg
  • Add authkeys in config/users.cfg
  • Type "chmod 777 config/flagruns.cfg" from the command line to give QServ permission to store flagruns. (recommended)
  • Create a "packages/base" folder set in the QServ root directory. Then, type "chmod -R 777 packages" from the command line to give QServ permission to store maps. (optional)


"command not found: cmake .": cmake is not installed, see above for download link.

Can't see player city/state/country msg: try using geoIP geolocation instead of Curl. To do this, rename the text file in the QServCollect root directory something other than "usecurl.txt." Make sure the file permissions are set to allow QServ access to the curl folder and its contents, along with the entire config folder and usecurl.txt (if you're using curl). You can just use "chmod -R 777 QServCollect" from the command line. Please note that with curl geolocation, the #whois and #stats commands will not show player locations.

flagruns not storing: You can just use "chmod -R 777 QServCollect" from the command line to give QServ access to its files.

"make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.": the cmake . command was not issued before make.

"No such file or directory": you are changing directories into an invalid folder, make sure QServCollect is the name

"Segmentation fault: 11" on launch: wait for IRC to start! Retry the launch (it will work the second time). Also, please remember the IRC bot is experimental. I have been working on some fixes for it but the threading conflicts make it difficult.

"Segmentation fault" at a random time after launch: contact DeathStar @

QServ IRC not working (incompatable client): Retry the launch (it will work the second time).

QServ IRC not launching at all (excess flood): you either restarted the server too much or flooded IRC, time will fix.

No such file or directory "GeoIP.h": this means some GeoIP file is missing, most likely your download was corrupt.


For info about modding, creating commands & more please view the Wiki:

If you still need help, you can email the main developer:

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