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Show Server & Player Stats

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On a website

To display your servers stats on your website, you must use the sauertracker API. Here is a crude HTML/Javascript example I wrote that parses the JSON from the API. All you have to do is copy my code and paste it on your website, but Replace the IP and port in the sauertracker API link with your sauerbraten servers IP/port to get the stats from your server and display them on your website. The API pulls new data every 4/5 seconds. If you wish to see an example of my code in action, click here.

On discord

To display your server stats on discord, you must create a zapier account and have a discord server.

  1. from zapier, create a new zap
  2. create a trigger in your new zap and select code, then javascript
  3. for the code, enter this:
  4. replace the IP and port in the sauertracker API link to get the stats for your server
  5. create a action: discord: send channel message and verify your discord account
  6. for the contents of the message, click on the dropdown to the right of the box
  7. you should be able to select description, names, frags, deaths
  8. select a chat channel you wish for the messages to appear in.

To see an example of this, visit: channel #serverinfo

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