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A Mac OSX workflow designed to write the current iTunes song, artist and album to a text file and update it every 10 seconds or so for streaming software like OBS/Xplit/etc. in order to display the current song on a Twitch/etc. stream.
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  1. put songupdater.txt on your desktop and open runscript.wflow
  2. in the runscript.wflow workflow scroll down in the "Run AppleScript" tab
  3. replace: ("/users/user/Desktop/") & "songupdater.txt" with ("/path/to/your/desktop") & "songupdater.txt"
  4. click run at the top of the workflow to begin posting your song info to the text file
  5. the current iTunes song will we written in songupdater.txt on your desktop every 10 seconds
  6. in OBS or whatever stream software you use, select add text source and select "songupdater.txt" from the list
  7. if you're using OBS, select the "Read from file" checkbox under the text source (FreeType 2)

You now have your current iTunes song on your stream.

Additional info

The workflow will run for 16 hours straight. If your stream is somehow longer than that, you will have to restart the workflow around the 16 hour mark. This is the maximum allowed time for the workflow unfortunately. Enjoy :)!

Updating the song faster

The runscript.workflow has the loop time set to 10 seconds to update the song info. You can of course lower this variable to approximately 2 seconds, or increase it according to your personal needs. The script is highly customizable.

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