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PyWorlds is a layer on top of Soya3D (>=0.14). Our main objective is to offer an interface or 3D games development library for Python, which grants the novice programmers an easy way to start messing with the code without worrying about weird things like performance, OpenGL issues, and so on.

PyWorlds bases all of its code in Pure Python (Without any compiled file yet)

This library can be installed through the setup.py script in the root of the project. When you execute “python setup.py install” to install the library system-wide.

In the tests/ folder you can find some examples of code. The simplest example is basic-1.py. Take in mind that some examples simply don’t work because we’re changing a lot of code day by day, and the API is changing.

NOTE: In the new Soya release, soya.gui module no longer exists. We should migrate to pudding wich is the recommended software for rendering GUI apps in Soya.

You can read the installation guide here: Install Guide

When you have finished, you should proceed to the Getting Started section.

See the page Modules availiable to see a detailed description of the code structure.

Do you want to contribute to PyWorlds? See our TO-DO Page!