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Virtual TErminal

VTE provides a virtual terminal widget for GTK applications.


$ git clone  # Get the source code of VTE
$ cd vte                                        # Change to the toplevel directory
$ meson _build                                  # Run the configure script
$ ninja -C _build                               # Build VTE
[ Optional ]
$ ninja -C _build install                       # Install VTE to default `/usr/local`
  • By default, VTE will install under /usr/local. You can customize the prefix directory by --prefix option, e.g. If you want to install VTE under ~/foobar, you should run meson _build --prefix=~/foobar. If you already run the configure script before, you should also pass --reconfigure option to it.

  • You may need to execute ninja -C _build install as root (i.e. sudo ninja -C _build install) if installing to system directories.

  • If you wish to test VTE before installing it, you may execute it directly from its build directory. As _build directory, it should be _build/src/app/vte-[version].

  • You can pass -Ddebugg=true option to meson if you wish to enable debug function.


After installing VTE with -Ddebugg=true flag, you can use VTE_DEBUG variable to control VTE to print out the debug information

# You should change vte-[2.91] to the version you build
$ VTE_DEBUG=selection ./_build/src/app/vte-2.91

# Or, you can mixup with multiple logging level
$ VTE_DEBUG=selection,draw,cell ./_build/src/app/vte-2.91

$ Or, you can use `all` to print out all logging message
$ VTE_DEBUG=all ./_build/src/app/vte-2.91

For logging level information, please refer to enum VteDebugFlags.


Bugs should be filed here: Please note that this is not a support forum; if you are a end user, always file bugs in your distribution's bug tracker, or use their support forums.

If you want to provide a patch, please attach them to an issue in GNOME GitLab, in the format output by the git format-patch command.