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Welcome to the official 'home page'. This github repository is maintained by the debian-efnet channel ops.

Here you will find, amongst other things, our idea of best practice solutions to common questions asked by users.

Best Practice


irssi is our recommended IRC client, used in a screen session under a shell. With irssi and screen you can come and go from IRC, or switch between machines transparently without disrupting the channel.

Your full public and private buffers are preserved, unlike a traditional IRC bouncer, ensuring you can /scrollback to see the full channel history that you missed whilst you were away.


It is our opinion that Identd has been redundant for at least thirty years and is completely unnecessary in 2011. In fact, it was completely unnecessary in 2000.

Running an entire daemon just to remove the ~ prefix from your ircname not only requires additional administration overhead to set up the service, it opens your server up to one more potential service to get hacked.

Without Identd your IRC experience will be just as good, if not better without an ident daemon. IRC Bouncers and eggdrops do not require identd to authenticate.