raspbian-ua-netinst v1.0.7-RC

@diederikdehaas diederikdehaas released this Apr 22, 2015 · 111 commits to master since this release

Releasing version 1.0.7-RC of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed most of kernel crashes/rainbow screens that happened with the rpi15 kernel. This fixes issue 199 and issue 201.
  • Increased the size of /boot/ to 128MB by default. This fixes issue 190.
  • Added a workaround for too old firmware files in the official archive which prevented the installer to boot on a Pi 1B/1B+.

This release also adds the following new functionality:

  • Support for Device Tree.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

The installed system sometimes fails to boot. The exact cause for this is not (yet) known.
With the following workaround in post-install.txt I have not gotten a crash again, but usually it's not needed (and it shouldn't).

# update the firmware files, which reduces kernel crashes
if [ -f /bootfs/config/${FIRMWARE_ARCHIVE} ] ; then
  echo -n "Updating firmware files with snapshot from git..."
  unzip -qo /bootfs/config/${FIRMWARE_ARCHIVE} -d /rootfs/boot/
  if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    echo "OK"
    echo "FAILED !"

# also disable device tree to further reduce kernel crashes
echo "device_tree=" >> /rootfs/boot/config.txt