raspbian-ua-netinst v1.0.7-beta

@diederikdehaas diederikdehaas released this Mar 5, 2015 · 133 commits to master since this release

Releasing version 1.0.7-beta of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • Added support for the Raspberry Pi 2. This fixes issue 180.
  • Updated the kernel used during installation to 3.18.
  • Removed the kernel-upgrade-script since it doesn't handle sections in /boot/config.txt. See raspbian-tools issue 2.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

EDIT: I've renamed the files to be consistent with the other releases.
So if you've downloaded a file named raspbian-ua-netinst-20150305-gitf31b204.* that's exactly the same as raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.0.7-beta.*