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raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.7

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@diederikdehaas diederikdehaas released this 17 Jul 22:12
· 21 commits to master since this release

Releasing version 1.1.7 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This release contains a fix and a workaround to make the installer work
on device with only 256MB of memory. This fixes #520.

The fix is using special gpu_mem_* settings to set the amount of gpu
memory used to 16/32 MB instead of the default 64.
This only applies to the installer itself and not to the installed
system. Changing the installed system is up to the user, who can apply
the same change as done with this fix.
Or use the gpu_mem configuration setting that is available.

The workaround is another memory saving 'trick' which is only applied to
the 256MB models. Instead of keeping a backup of the installer files in
memory, a link to the restored data (after partitioning) on the SDcard
is created.
This is done to keep the changes/impact minimal.

In the 'fail' function some memory/disk related data is now printed
which may help troubleshoot memory/disk related issues.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

SHA1 checksums:

78ed11f85b95839e265930ea72959b216af0eb0a  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.7.img.bz2
0ebd85f6b2ebdd6b931e9c761d664e873e29a8e6  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.7.img.xz

SHA256 checksums:

a71e2615791d0d3978d2fc19836c880bc60a30c750e6cb6c4a7c06d1f81240e5  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.7.img.bz2
f91f3e5d837a18dd5380be46770f8b49d78b41f6030367541a5a7fba693f0da8  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.7.img.xz