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cmd Serve package list as plain text by default Sep 6, 2018
debian Fix the Vcs-* headers in the Debian package metadata Nov 15, 2014
goroutinez goroutinez: fix package description Dec 1, 2014
howto Use GOPATH=~/go as per the go1.8 default Apr 6, 2017
index index/mmap: fix compilation on bsd/windows Jul 2, 2016
ranking Add filetype:objc and filetype:objc++ May 15, 2017
regexp regexp: fix test for our fork Mar 24, 2016
shardmapping fix /show handler by querying the correct source backend Nov 26, 2014
static remove unused rackspace.png (rackspace.svg is used) Sep 28, 2018
stringpool don’t keep query results in memory, write them directly to disk Dec 1, 2014
testdata Add zsh to testdata/ to have 2 different packages in local instances Mar 31, 2016
vendor Update vendor/ for the last commit Sep 11, 2017
.gitignore gitignore: add service-worker assets Jul 7, 2016
.travis.yml travis: fix quoting Jul 30, 2017
Gopkg.toml Add tracing support Sep 11, 2017
LICENSE add LICENSE file Dec 19, 2012
README rename dcsindex to dcs-index for consistency Jun 13, 2013
cleanup-failed-shards.cron add a cron job to clean up failed merge shards Dec 3, 2014
dcs-common.service dcs-common: always restart, even on SIGPIPE Dec 5, 2014
dcs-feeder.service dcs-feeder.service: update internal DNS records Mar 28, 2016
dcs-index-backend.service Move index-backend to gRPC Mar 26, 2016
dcs-package-importer.service Make dcs-package-importer send the ReplaceIndex RPC. Mar 31, 2016
dcs-source-backend.service Read ranking data from JSON file instead of database Mar 28, 2016
dcs-tail-fedmsg.service add service files for feeder and tail-fedmsg Nov 28, 2014
dcs-update-ranking.service dcs-compute-ranking: use popcon data directly, output to JSON Mar 28, 2016
dcs-update-ranking.timer add service + timer files to update the ranking database hourly Jun 18, 2014
dcs-web.service Read ranking data from JSON file instead of database Mar 28, 2016
nginx.example add a Service Worker to serve /search from cache Jul 7, 2016
schema.sql add the PostgreSQL schema to git Aug 12, 2013


Please read first!

    dcs-unpack - tool to unpack a debian source mirror
    dcs-index - tool to create an index from a debian source mirror
    compute-ranking - computes the ranking of each package/file
    dcs-web  - the code search web application itself
    index-backend - simple server which provides (a shard) of the index to dcs-web
    source-backend - simple server which provides the debian source to dcs-web

    The Debian packaging, which currently is very hacky due to Go packaging
    being hard in Debian currently. Patches welcome.

    Copied from Parts were re-written in
    hand-optimized C code (posting list decoding).

    Copied from Returns results in a data
    structure instead of printing them to stdout.

    Static assets + HTML files (FAQ etc.)