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Online 8085 simulator
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Sim8085 is a online development environment for Intel 8085 microprocessor. It is hosted at


  1. Editor with syntax highlighting.
  2. Viewing and editing of registers, flags and memory.
  3. Debugging code with breakpoints.
  4. Opcode listing view.




  1. Download and install emscripten prerequisites using the instructions here.
  2. Do yarn install.
  3. Do yarn start to start the development server.

Building Assembler and Simulator changes

  1. Do yarn build-assembler to build the assembler code.
  2. Do yarn build-emulator to build the simulator.
  3. Commit the changed files.

Production Build

  1. Build assembler and simulator code.
  2. Do yarn build to build the UI.
  3. Built code should be available in dist.
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