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An user-timeline backup utility for Twitter, made entirely in HTML sauce, with teaspoonful CSS and a pinch of JavaScript.
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TRex : A Flock Devouring Carnivore

Let's face it - sooner or later, you're gonna hit the 3200-tweet count. And by the time you're there, just give it a thought: one single new tweet you post now, will cause the very 1st tweet of yours to be gone irrecoverably from the twitter's servers - forever.

Yeah, twitter only keeps 3200 of your recent tweets (teh bitchez!) - and if you're a nostalgic &| sentimental, narcissist (like me) then you'll definitely gonna hate loosing your hard worked tweets from the age way back!

This is where TRex come into err... play. It chews the Twitter API & spits out the number of tweets you want it to. Well, definitely it can throw-up upto all the 3200 retrievable tweets, but at 200-tweets per gulp (it's too feathery to chew more than that in a single go).

Basically, this one is MY pet dino & I'll be teaching it manners, gradually as it grows up. In the meantime, I can let you fondle with it - but don't complain if doesn't obey you or bites your fingers off.

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