Install and manage a MariaDB / MySQL client
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DebOps mariadb

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MariaDB is a popular relational SQL database that was forked from MySQL server. Ansible roles debops.mariadb and debops.mariadb_server allow you to manage a MariaDB server and / or access it remotely from other hosts.

debops.mariadb role is the "client" part - it installs mariadb-client Debian package, and uses Ansible delegation to configure users and databases in local or remote MariaDB servers. You can use debops.mariadb_server role to manage the MariaDB server itself.


This role requires at least Ansible v1.8.0. To install it, run:

ansible-galaxy install debops.mariadb


More information about debops.mariadb can be found in the official debops.mariadb documentation.

Role dependencies

  • debops.secret

Are you using this as a standalone role without DebOps?

You may need to include missing roles from the DebOps common playbook into your playbook.

Try DebOps now for a complete solution to run your Debian-based infrastructure.

Authors and license

License: GPL-3.0

This role is part of DebOps. README generated by ansigenome.