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DebOps has a small but active community of developers and users. Come on in and say hi!

DebOps monorepo

Main development of the project is done in its :command:`git` monorepo, using a distributed development model. The default location of the monorepo is the DebOps GitHub repository, used for the issues and pull requests. There's also a read-only mirror on GitLab used to manage the public test pipeline based on GitLab CI.

The developers and users maintain their own monorepo forks on GitHub, used for development and pull requests.

IRC channel

The official #debops IRC channel is located on the FreeNode IRC network. You can use it to chat in real time about DebOps, get help with any pressing issues and compare notes with other DebOps users.

Mailing list

The DebOps project has its own mailing list, debops-users, based on Mailman. The list has low traffic and is used for notifications about significant changes in the project, and more asynchronous communication. You can also check out the mailing list archives.

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