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The Site playbook

The :file:`/.local/share/debops/debops/ansible/playbooks/site.yml` connects all debops roles.

Include own roles/playbooks

If you created a DebOps project directory and added your own role inside :file:`ansible/roles/` and the playbook file inside :file:`ansible/playbooks/` you can override the site.yml and hook your role up into DebOps:


- include: '{{ lookup("ENV", "HOME") + "/.local/share/debops/debops/ansible/playbooks/site.yml" }}'
- include: your_role.yml


- name: Manage the your specific setup
  hosts: [ 'debops_all_hosts' ]

     - role: ansible.your_role
       tags: [ 'role::your_role' ]

Note that :file:`'{{ lookup("ENV", "HOME") + "/.local/share/debops/debops/ansible/playbooks/site.yml" }}'` only works on Linux. For other systems you can work with a symlink to the correct destination.