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drybjed committed Sep 4, 2019
2 parents 15c8963 + 316dcc5 commit 0cc1bd6d804315653fc8554efa8edd93a0470858
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  1. +13 −0 CHANGELOG.rst
  2. +4 −1 ansible/roles/debops.slapd/defaults/main.yml
@@ -62,6 +62,19 @@ Updates of upstream application versions
hosts with more than one network interface (not counting ``lo``), or if local
DNS services are also present on the host.

:ref:`debops.slapd` role

- Enable substring index for the ``sudoUser`` attribute from the :ref:`sudo
LDAP schema <slapd__ref_sudo>`. Existing installations should be updated
manually via the LDAP client, by setting the value of the ``sudoUser`` index
to ``eq,sub``.

- Add indexes for the ``authorizedService`` and ``host`` attributes from the
:ref:`ldapns LDAP schema <slapd__ref_ldapns>` and the ``gid`` attribute from
the :ref:`posixGroupId LDAP schema <slapd__ref_posixgroupid>`. This should
improve performance in UNIX environments connected to the LDAP directory.

:ref:`debops.sshd` role

@@ -579,7 +579,10 @@ slapd__default_tasks:
- 'homeDirectory,loginShell eq'
- 'uidNumber,gidNumber eq'
- 'entryCSN,entryUUID eq'
- 'sudoUser eq'
- 'sudoUser eq,sub'
- 'authorizedService eq'
- 'host eq'
- 'gid eq'

- name: 'Enable the monitor database'
dn: 'olcDatabase={2}monitor,cn=config'

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