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[debops.owncloud] Update docs for redesigned debops.mariadb_server role

Nextcloud 15+ recommends UTF8 4-byte support for MariaDB.
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ypid committed Sep 14, 2019
1 parent 0c5b471 commit 2c0e3efedf3f5cff1ec54f764b05d93336436a17
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  1. +8 −5 docs/ansible/roles/debops.owncloud/getting-started.rst
@@ -24,15 +24,18 @@ In case you chose a different host, you will need to specify which of your
database servers the ownCloud instance should use by specifying the database
server host as :envvar:`owncloud__database_server`.

For experimental UTF8 4-byte support, you can set the following in your inventory:
For UTF8 4-byte support, you should set the following in your inventory:

.. code-block:: yaml
'innodb_large_prefix': 'on'
'innodb_file_format': 'barracuda'
'innodb_file_per_table': 'true'
- section: 'mysqld'
'innodb_large_prefix': 'on'
'innodb_file_format': 'barracuda'
'innodb_file_per_table': 'true'
In memory caching

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