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[docs] Add pyOpenSSL to required Python packages

pyOpenSSL is required for debops.opendkim
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imrejonk committed Aug 8, 2019
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@@ -111,13 +111,21 @@ Ansible:

.. __:

This is a Python wrapper for the OpenSSL library, available in the
``python-openssl`` package. It's a requirement for :ref:`debops.opendkim` and
other roles that generate X.509 certificates or private keys on the Ansible

.. __:

You can install them using your distribution packages on Debian or
Ubuntu by running the command:

.. code-block:: console

sudo apt install python-future python-ldap python-netaddr \
python-dnspython python-passlib
python-dnspython python-passlib python-openssl

The missing Python dependencies will be automatically installed with the
``ansible`` and ``debops`` Python packages, however some of them, like the

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