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DebOps roles in development

Robin Schneider edited this page Jan 10, 2023 · 31 revisions

This page is meant to be used to find other people that work on different DebOps roles and coordinate their development. You can add here links to organizations that have multiple roles, links to DebOps monorepo forks with a reference to a specific role you added, and so on.

When a role is ready to be merged, you can create a pull request against the debops/debops repository for a review and merge.

Contrib roles in the debops/debops repository

These roles are already merged in the monorepo, but they are not yet integrated with the main set of playbooks.

CipherMail repository

See also

Roles in the debops/debops-contrib repository

This repository is/was meant for Ansible roles that manage non-free or commercial applications. They might be merged in the future into the main DebOps monorepo for better visibility, in a contrib/ subdirectory.

Roles in the debops-contrib GitHub organization

This organization was used to hold third-party Ansible roles when DebOps was split into multiple git repositories. Many of the included roles were merged into DebOps since, or obsoleted by new implementations in DebOps. The list below contains remaining roles that don't have equivalents in DebOps yet.