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using System;
using Documentation.Plugin.Core.Interfaces;
using Documentation.Plugin.Core.Repository;
using Documentation.Plugin.Github.Models;
using Newtonsoft.Json;
namespace Documentation.Plugin.Github.Repository
public class GithubDocumentationRepository : BaseDocumentationRepository, IDocumentationRepository
private readonly GithubConfigurationOptions _configurationOptions;
/// <summary>
/// Initialize the Github repository by creating the http client for the calls
/// </summary>
/// <exception cref="ArgumentException">Thrown if correct configuration options are not set for repository</exception>
/// <param name="configurationOptions"></param>
public GithubDocumentationRepository(IConfigurationOptions configurationOptions)
_configurationOptions = configurationOptions as GithubConfigurationOptions;
//if for some reason options are not set, throw exception
if (_configurationOptions == null)
throw new ArgumentException(typeof(GithubConfigurationOptions).FullName);
BuildHttpClient(_configurationOptions.GithubRepositoryOwner, _configurationOptions.GithubApiToken, _configurationOptions.GithubApiUrl);
/// <summary>
/// Based on provided markdown filename, grabs the file from Github and converts the markdown to html
/// </summary>
/// <param name="reference">Name of markdown file (case sensitive)</param>
/// <returns>html of markdown file</returns>
public string GetDocumentationById(string reference)
var requestUrl =
$"/repos/{_configurationOptions.GithubRepositoryOwner}/" +
$"{_configurationOptions.GithubRepositoryName}" +
$"/contents/{_configurationOptions.GithubDocumentationFolder}/{reference}?ref=" +
//Getting json information about the file
var responseData = GetDocumentationData(requestUrl);
//if information on file is not found return markup message
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(responseData))
//handling will show no documentation message when response is empty string
return string.Empty;
//Converting response to object
var deserializedObject = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<GithubResponse>(responseData);
//Get markdown from url of file
var documentMarkdown = GetDocumentationData(deserializedObject.DownloadUrl) ?? string.Empty;
//return markdown as html
return Markdig.Markdown.ToHtml(documentMarkdown);