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Vex Draw Binary Format - It3rate

// this format will be parsed into runtime VexObjects when it is loaded.

Tag		Description

0x01	Header // todo

0x05	StrokeList		
			[8] *strokeNBits* bits required for a stroke index (based on max size of list)
			[5] color nBits
			[5] line width nBits
			[11] stroke count
				[colNBits] fARGB color
				[lwNBits float] line width

0x06	SolidFillList
			[8] *fillNBits* bits required for a fill index (based on max size of both solidFillList and GradientFillList)
			[5] color nBits
			[11] solidFills count
			[colNBits]... fARGB colors 		

0x07	GradientFillList
			[5] padding (always zero)
			[11] gradientFills count
			Gradient Fills:
				[3] 0:Linear 1:Radial 2-7:future
				[5] lineNBits
				[lineNBits float] Point0 X 
				[lineNBits float] Point0 Y 
				[lineNBits float] Point1 X 
				[lineNBits float] Point1 Y 
				[5] stopColor nBits
				[5] stopRatio nBits
				[11] stopCount
					[colNBits] fARGB color
					[ratioNBits] ratio from 0-255

0x09	ReplacementStrokeList // todo
0x0A	ReplacementSolidFillList // todo
0x0B	ReplacementGradientFillList // todo

0x10	SymbolDefinition:		
			[32] symbol id
			[string] name (todo)
			[RECT] bounds
			[11] shapeCount
				[strokeNBits] stroke index
				[fillNBits] fill index
				[5] segDataNBits
				[11] segCount
					[2] segType (0-moveTo 1-lineTo 2-quadraticTo 3-cubicTo
					[segDataNBits * points] (move-2pts line-2pts quadratic-4pts cubic-6pts)

0x11	TimelineDefinition
			[32] symbol id
			[string] name (todo)
			[RECT] bounds
			[11] instanceCount
				[32] definition id
				[1] hasValueTranslateX
				[1] hasValueTranslateY
				[1] hasValueScaleX
				[1] hasValueScaleY
				[1] hasValueRotation
				[1] hasValueShear				
				[1] hasName	

				if(any hasValue):
					[5] valueNBits
					[valueNBits float] for each hasValue that is true

				[string] name (todo)


[RECT] Rectangle
			[5] nBits
			[nBits float] X
			[nBits float] Y
			[nBits float] WIDTH 
			[nBits float] HEIGHT

* int - (+-) first bit determines positive or negative
* float - int (+-) divided by 32, used to convert stored ints to floats
* point - [float,float] x,y pair
* fARGB is FlippedA,R,G,B format (A is flipped so no alpha has fewer bits in normal cases)	
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